better known as Instagram lahh...

this thing ahh,
addictive you know.
to me lah, huhuhuuu

well, who's not.
easy breazy mehh...

snapped snapped.
edited or not.
but must be cropped.
and waLLah!

here's some that i've uploaded.

PeppeLunch *drooling*

bile aku boleh dapat nih.aishhh

multitasking: writing report+watching Psych+drinking?+reading


doodle-ing when stress-ing.


current reading.

yeahhh...mostly on food.

back to thesis now.
*pray for me to finish that*

assalamualaikum wbt.

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TiMe oFF.

courtesy of Google

wait for it....

20th JUNE 2012.
I was the last to present.
I was sleepy by then.
so I don't know what i rambled mumbled about
*most of the time*


but during Q&A session,
I survived!!!
i meant..i managed to answered all the Qs that been thrown at me.


I still got thesis to be done which due by next week.


today ain, chot and i went to KLCC.
its been a whileeeeeee man.
rode the LRT, going to KLCC, gawking etc.

kami dok hantaq dak sorang ni pi medical check-up.
nampak tak betapa gembirenye kami menaiki LRT
*cukup gambaq dia sorang laa*
bak kanak-kanak ribena adanya.

back to surfing work now.

assalamualaikum wbt.

deBorrr... T_T

last night they uploaded this.

*sila klik pada gambar untuk tumbesaran yg sehat*
The schedule for FYP's presentation.

syabbas betey!!

I am the LAST person to present.
and my slot is at 4.20-4.50pm.
*dabel DIE*


aku debor nih.
assalamualaikum wbt.

ps: my project title is BATTERY MONITORING SYSTEM, not BATTER MONITORING SYSTEM. wtf that i what to monitor batter, leave to PDRM for that *bersih3.0* LoL.

the end is almost here...

1) Technical Paper Submission              : 11th JUNE 2012 DONE
2) Technical Paper Presentation         : 20th JUNE 2010 
3) Thesis Submission                              : 2nd JULY 2012

these are the final steps for me to gain my Degree in Electronics Engineering.
wish me all the best ya geng!

i iz scared.huhuuu

assalamualaikum wbt.


tengah tunggu geng kat MekDi Puchong Perdana.
jauh dari umah aku??
tapi demi geng yg dok area Puchong SeriKembangan ni,
aku takde hal lah nak datang sini.

lagipon tadik pi Klang sat.
nak beli component letrik.
resistor terbakor lak.
presentation dah la minggu depan
dari Klang aku terus shoot sini.

lame da kot tak mengumpat melepak same nih.
aku dok sorang-sorang lagi.
sorang baru balik keje nak tangkap mate dulu.
sorang baru bangun nak masuk keja 10malam nih.
aku yg tak keje ni....*krik krik krik bunyik cengkerik*

sambil-sambil tunggu depa.
aku ditemani *ayat tak bole blah* oleh ini.

groovy lime sundae
memang perghhhh wa cakap lu!

nak pulak curik layan WiFi McD yg laju nih.
memang heaven la weh!

aku nak sambung stalk layan blog pesbuk bagai.

assalamualaikum wbt. 

baJet LaRikkKK T_T

i know..i know...
aren't supposed to go out today.
because i still don't finish my TP yet.

but these guys...


asked me to tag along.
since this woman...

obviously..ze MemBesaq...ze MaMa.in bLue.

wanna buy herself a new TV.
because the old one started to snow.
*buzz..buuzzzz...nak rosak la*

after went through Seng Heng at Subang Perdana,
then to Courts at Giant S13,
but we end up buying at Giant itself.
after a loonnnnnng consideration. 

She got herself this.

buruh kasar tgh install.

a Panasonic 32" LCD TV
at a price i must say very reasonable.
oh, that's my elder brother who drilled+installed+auto tuning the TV.
*i iz malaz y'all nak buat,ngeh ngeh ngeh*

we did detour to Plaza Alam Sentral on our way back to home.
because i wanna get myself this.

bought this printer because the old one went crazy on me.

ini bukan pembaziran ye, ini kepentingan.

yala, since i need to print out set's of:
Technical Paper
all the forms in the world
groupon's deals...erk?

it's better for me to buy it.
rather than spend money on printing it at some printing shop.
where the price can be so 'cekik darah'.

ok lor.
enuf babbling now.
later geng.

assalamualaikum wbt.

BigMomma wuz here y0!!

assalamualaikum wbt.

Still finishing my never ending TechnicalPaper.
Still stealing utilising McD's WiFi.
Still losing hair?! 



tonight i got me some company,
while stealing utilising this WiFi from McD.

 my MaMa is here!!

bought her a magazine so that she can occupy her time while i'm blogging finishing my work  ;P

i kinda drag her here.
because i don't wanna leave her alone at home.
plus, she's never been to Citta Mall.
i wanna show her how's it like here, what's been up, yada yada.
so...it's a win-win situation for me and her.

ngeh ngeh ngeh~~~

back to work now.
and ohh...


later alligator, theehehee...
tataa y'all.

a bit stressed out.

found it by GOOGLE-ing







heading to this road


assalamualaikum wbt.