A ProDuCTiVe DaY.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Yesterday is Friday.
It was a fun Friday.

I've finished the task given.
Ate my lunch made by my-roomy-cum-bestest-guardian Ain!!
Got a free haircut which make me super happy even though i had to make a huge decision for it. 
Ain bought a travel bag that we're going to use this coming vacayyy?!!
Watched ze most awaited movie *Die Hard*.
Hang-out with friend just make my day *i lap u lah Ain*

Hope to have more fun fun days ahead...*aMeen!*

wanna venture more experience so that i can blog them here  ;)
later geng?!!

ps: me working today, hence another post from me live from the opihhh. muahahaaaa...

How Beb?!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

What's happening to me this week *da kate saya budak baru belajar nak mengulor kerja hohoo*

arrived as newbie, went through some induction, met almost everyone in the company, sit quietly at my assigned desk. Later, been given my first task to update reports in company's system which is the most simple task in my job scope *of course la kan, takkan la nak bagi segedebuk semua on my first day* 

I was among the first to arrived *salah bajet time*. Continue my task, since i don't have my own email. That's all for today, thank you.

Zatie's here, so today kinda kepochi cause we couldn't stop gossiping and all bahahaaaa. And also she teaches me what to do and all. Oh, my email is up. So i'm getting aLOTTTTTTT of cc's there in my inbox. And i have to stay late because i need to learn how to entertain all them calls *nangessss*

It was crayyzeehhhh?!! Learned how to create manual *some sort of report*, sent my first email, making out-going calls to set up appointment, anddddd start taking in call for creating new manual    T_T
So today no stay back, i is headache.

Todayyyyyyyyy...continue making harassing calls to merchants. 

Later in the evening i got appointment for my FREE haircut at Micheal&Guys in OU. Why FREE, because it's my birthday present from POPULAR as i own their member's card. Heheeee...

ps: I got that thingy called BR1M, early this morning MaMa texted telling me this news *i'm one lucky doter* ngehngehngeh...


Assalamualaikum wbt.

Bersiaran langsung dari tempat kerja ni *agak menguLor la nih hohohooo*
dah kate first day, lalalaaa...

perasaan aku...macam-macam ada.
nak tido *eh?!*

ok..nak sambung berlakon kerja.


wanna go somewhere next month, but first...

by the dawn of 1st February 2013, Ain and I woke up as we are psyched to do ONE thing.


as early as 7.30+am, we head out to JPN Kota Damansara with high hope to become among the first 10 in line. As we got there, not so many people in da house *ok, heksaited dah ni*. Since me is noob in obtaining passport and such, we went to the counter and asked the person what to expect for it. The answer, "Adik kena pergi pejabat imigresen, sini tak buat passport". We were like  T_T  *sambil berlalu pergi ke kereta dgn hati sedikit tercalar*

using our 'cabuk' phones, we googled the nearest Immigration office. *ding ding ding* got one in Kelana Jaya, like 15+min away. We drove there, pusing-pusing like crazeyhhh to find the place and where to park, walked for some good 10+min from where we parked, finally arrived and saw this...

see the line forming into the office. Annddddd, people swarming outside *fengsan*

suddenly, i remembered. "AIN, KAT KOMPLEKS PKNS ADE IMMIGRATION LA. AKU BARU TERINGAT!" Then we laju-laju heading to Shah Alam with high hope that there aren't bad as here in KJ.

Arrived there around 10ish, went straight to take numbers. 

at that time, they just called out number 4141. For real.

we waited for about 10min, to see how fast the number goes. It ain't that fast. Me, hungry. Ain, also hungry. Off to Hakim we go.

After an hour or so, we went back with hope the number jumped to 43++. Mannnn we're such a fool to have such imagination. So, we just loitering around in Kompleks PKNS itself *sempat la melabur bagai dalam menunggu nak ke nombor 4416 tuuuu*

mase ni orang da kurang banyak tau..diuLangi, kurang banyak.

Finally, my number is up. At almost 4pm, i was called to counter no.9. Guy at the counter asked for my form+pictures+number. After signing and 'thumb-scanning', i am done. Erkkk, not just yet. Need to wait my name to be called by counter no.6 to pay *adelah 15+min kot kena tunggu lagi just to pay nih*. By the time my name was called and paid my fee, it was too late to collect my passport ftw $%#*)$^$#$%%&)@^%! sO i have to come back the next day justtttttt to collect it.

The next day.

ps: SUMPAH, next time aku reNew 5 tahun terus! Kalau bole 10 tahun pon aku layan je..huh

iCing on tOp of the CaKe?!!

just got a CALL *at  8.43am to be exact*.

HR: "ini Siti Iryanee ye. I'm calling from Nera, are you interested to fill in the position?"

me: "jyeahhhhhhhhhhh"
*gile nak jawab camtu kat HR tu*
for real punye answer...
me: "oh, sure. Thank you so much!"

HR: "is it ok for you to start by 18th Feb?"

me: "No problem"

HR: "ok. I'll email you the rest of the details later. Thank you"

me: "ok. Thank you. Bye"

nampak tak ke'heksaited'an muke tu?! hohoo

my birthday present for this year *psyched*
WiSh Me aLL the BeSt ye GeNG?!
assalamualaikum wbt.

FeB 3rd.

assalamualaikum wbt.

a year wiser,