baJet LaRikkKK T_T

i know..i know...
aren't supposed to go out today.
because i still don't finish my TP yet.

but these guys...


asked me to tag along.
since this woman...

obviously..ze MemBesaq...ze bLue.

wanna buy herself a new TV.
because the old one started to snow.
*buzz..buuzzzz...nak rosak la*

after went through Seng Heng at Subang Perdana,
then to Courts at Giant S13,
but we end up buying at Giant itself.
after a loonnnnnng consideration. 

She got herself this.

buruh kasar tgh install.

a Panasonic 32" LCD TV
at a price i must say very reasonable.
oh, that's my elder brother who drilled+installed+auto tuning the TV.
*i iz malaz y'all nak buat,ngeh ngeh ngeh*

we did detour to Plaza Alam Sentral on our way back to home.
because i wanna get myself this.

bought this printer because the old one went crazy on me.

ini bukan pembaziran ye, ini kepentingan.

yala, since i need to print out set's of:
Technical Paper
all the forms in the world
groupon's deals...erk?

it's better for me to buy it.
rather than spend money on printing it at some printing shop.
where the price can be so 'cekik darah'.

ok lor.
enuf babbling now.
later geng.

assalamualaikum wbt.


  1. Elehh.. manja-manja dengan mama tu sebab bajet dah lari la tu... trick lama!

    1. shhh uncle,takmo pecah tembelang kite.huhuu
      anyway..tu kene sayang+manje+gedik kat mama lebih ni.hik3