assalamualaikum wbt.

Already quit my job.
because i am sucks in juggling works and finishing my degree in the same time.
i will woke up as early as 6am,
yup...including weekends.
yeay to me...not.

finishing my FinalYearProject now.
Left less than a week to work up my TechnicalPaper
making sure my so-called-project works like wonder
on presentation day.
*like scared kitten now, huhuu*

i'm at...

*hint: the coffee cup...duhh*

Been here all morning.
Ate that WeekdaysBreakfast that costs me rm5 nett.
ooohh..this is so not loitering-mengabeskan-duit-mak-bapak-semate ok.
i went here to steal utilise McD's WiFi.
cuz mine (broadband) already terminated,huhuuu...
and i am hungry *alasannnn*


off i go now.
aLot still need to be done.



PePPeR maKes ME haPPeyyy!!!

of me in front of a meal.

muke menyerengih heksaited nak makan, hohohooo

Went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday.
accompanying Ain, cuz she wanted to go to Payless.
so many pwetty shoes there *nanges*


this is my first time ever dining in Pepper Lunch.
seronok hoi!!!
we got to cook *it's more like you kelentang-kelentung kacau-kacau* our own meal.
me and Ain had so much fun eating these.
so fun that i've forgotten the &^^$%#@#&$ happen before.

btw, i forgot about my ic because the guy at that centre didn't passed it back to me.
and i was so pissed off that time to notice it.
i just realised it today when i wanted to leave my ic at Maxis's front desk.


enuf cursing swearing yada yada yada

really looking forward to eat at Pepper Lunch again.
love the pedassss to die for there.
*warning, bring along a BIG tumbler if you can't stand any spicy-hot-kompem-terbakar-lidah dish*

love to eat, but i don't live to eat.

assalamualaikum bwt.

urgghhhh to ahhhh....

assalamualaikum wbt.

it's been a while since my last post about me face.

today me going to let y'all see
the transformation
perghhh...ayat tak bole blah

to be.

by this scarrrryyy picture of mine.









nice result huh?!!

FYI, the July'11 pic is the worst state of my skin.
i don't wear any make-up in both picture.
me just slap on some baby powder.
no concealer foundation whatsoever. nada.


i started using this cream my angah introduced to me.
been using it rigorously since November 2011
until today. 

stole this picture from google. thanks Mr.GoogLe,hehee

i only use this cream.
twice a day.
of course lah after cleansing my face with this:

my angah also advised me to use this, along with the cream. I am happily switch to this from pricey Clinique . Yeay to me!!

and after tonyoh some of this:

previously i used Clinique, but i can't afford it nemo. Luckily this toner works well with my sensitive skin, and cheapo too. Another yeay to me,hehee...

and wallah!!

want it??

email me at
i can get it for you way cheaper than what the other offers in market.

promote gitewww, auwww
till then...tataa.

Nasi Beringin

assalamualaikum wbt.

aku curik dari googLe, googLe curik dari

i saw.i ate.i'm stuffed.

memang camni hari-hari, panjang kot beratur nak beli.

i ate the chicken until there's no bone to be found in my plate
i knew this place cuz it's in the building where i work.
my boss told me that this 'nasi beringin' been here long before Menara Mutiara Bangsar was built.
they started out with small stands at this spot where the building stands now.

wanna taste it, find it more about it here.

until next time but i want it now,huhuu

paying THE DEBT.

assalamualaikum wbt.

Last Saturday i received my full salary *throwing confetti all the way*
not totally full since got cut for EPF SOCSO UnpaidLeave yada yada yada...


First thing first.

angah - the cream-that-makes-me-gorjes'pimple-less'-again
dian - the advance
ain - the long-long-overdue-help-from-her
kakEija - also some advance,huhuu

and, last but not least
MAMA - countless-advance-from-her

its then after clearing the DEBTs,
i treated mama and dian (the-lil-sis-but-married-already-with-one-girl dem) with pizza.
mama and i had a sleepover at dian's crib.
we had a blast us girls, and of course we had Mia Ayesha Surfina.

this girl is very the cheeky i tell u...

ok, back to work now.
don't want to get caught by boss, blogging.
ngeh ngeh ngeh...

ps: i only left with one day to fast (puase ler), already qada' 7days these past months . another debt of mine *pathetic*. 

can't get enough of it...

monday = vanilla cupcake

tuesday = chocolate indulgence SR

wednesday = red velvet cupcake with creamcheese topping

thursday = tooth ache with rounder stamak