paying THE DEBT.

assalamualaikum wbt.

Last Saturday i received my full salary *throwing confetti all the way*
not totally full since got cut for EPF SOCSO UnpaidLeave yada yada yada...


First thing first.

angah - the cream-that-makes-me-gorjes'pimple-less'-again
dian - the advance
ain - the long-long-overdue-help-from-her
kakEija - also some advance,huhuu

and, last but not least
MAMA - countless-advance-from-her

its then after clearing the DEBTs,
i treated mama and dian (the-lil-sis-but-married-already-with-one-girl dem) with pizza.
mama and i had a sleepover at dian's crib.
we had a blast us girls, and of course we had Mia Ayesha Surfina.

this girl is very the cheeky i tell u...

ok, back to work now.
don't want to get caught by boss, blogging.
ngeh ngeh ngeh...

ps: i only left with one day to fast (puase ler), already qada' 7days these past months . another debt of mine *pathetic*. 

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