PePPeR maKes ME haPPeyyy!!!

of me in front of a meal.

muke menyerengih heksaited nak makan, hohohooo

Went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday.
accompanying Ain, cuz she wanted to go to Payless.
so many pwetty shoes there *nanges*


this is my first time ever dining in Pepper Lunch.
seronok hoi!!!
we got to cook *it's more like you kelentang-kelentung kacau-kacau* our own meal.
me and Ain had so much fun eating these.
so fun that i've forgotten the &^^$%#@#&$ happen before.

btw, i forgot about my ic because the guy at that centre didn't passed it back to me.
and i was so pissed off that time to notice it.
i just realised it today when i wanted to leave my ic at Maxis's front desk.


enuf cursing swearing yada yada yada

really looking forward to eat at Pepper Lunch again.
love the pedassss to die for there.
*warning, bring along a BIG tumbler if you can't stand any spicy-hot-kompem-terbakar-lidah dish*

love to eat, but i don't live to eat.

assalamualaikum bwt.

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