iCing on tOp of the CaKe?!!

just got a CALL *at  8.43am to be exact*.

HR: "ini Siti Iryanee ye. I'm calling from Nera, are you interested to fill in the position?"

me: "jyeahhhhhhhhhhh"
*gile nak jawab camtu kat HR tu*
for real punye answer...
me: "oh, sure. Thank you so much!"

HR: "is it ok for you to start by 18th Feb?"

me: "No problem"

HR: "ok. I'll email you the rest of the details later. Thank you"

me: "ok. Thank you. Bye"

nampak tak ke'heksaited'an muke tu?! hohoo

my birthday present for this year *psyched*
WiSh Me aLL the BeSt ye GeNG?!
assalamualaikum wbt.

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