A ProDuCTiVe DaY.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Yesterday is Friday.
It was a fun Friday.

I've finished the task given.
Ate my lunch made by my-roomy-cum-bestest-guardian Ain!!
Got a free haircut which make me super happy even though i had to make a huge decision for it. 
Ain bought a travel bag that we're going to use this coming vacayyy?!!
Watched ze most awaited movie *Die Hard*.
Hang-out with friend just make my day *i lap u lah Ain*

Hope to have more fun fun days ahead...*aMeen!*

wanna venture more experience so that i can blog them here  ;)
later geng?!!

ps: me working today, hence another post from me live from the opihhh. muahahaaaa...

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