siXth sense...du du Du du~~~

we've been friends since like forever.
we cut school by turn *eviL* so the teachers won't noticed it
we are the only high-schooler who rode bicycle to school
while other rode motorcycle,or the bus,etc 
we do once a while had slumber party,mostly at her house.
we always shared our well with secrets  ;P
we both the lazy bum in our study group
but luckily..we did A-ok now.

oh...she just get hitched.
and i was her bridesmaid.

who?? , groom, epa, pengepit ohsem  ;P

and another oh...
she gave me a little present.
for being an awesome bridesmaid *vain*


for the prezzie
our looong friendship.

ps: i just having thought in buying a one drop perfume. maybe she got sixth sense or something, she gave me perfume. and i love the smell that she and her hubby chose for me, given that i can't stand the strong smell from most of the female's perfume. i lap u epa!!!

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