i love reading pffttt
on anything i can get my hands to
erk..maybe not so on textbooks,hehee
been doing it since 4years old seriously
but being at home during semester break
and not working part-time such a lazy bum i am
and since i'm ran out with reading material
i turn to my other love
besides eat and sleep
at home on my laptop of course
no money see movie at cinema tsk tsk aku layan
oh..not forgetting drama series name it
sometime i do movie-marathon
most of the time.LoL
i know. it's bad
but i'm bored plus lazy to do anything hohohoo
ok.enuf for now
wanna watch movie
later dude


ps: external HD 500G da penuh ngn movies+series,perlu ke aku delete cite-cite nk bagi space or...beli baru. ngeh3

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