Last Friday, early Friday i must say, went to KL to hop on bus to Muar ye i know Johor again. So gagah la followed dian and her hubby because i wanted to take LRT @KelanaJaya since they working around that area. Then the train dropped me @PasarSeni since its nearer for me to walk to PuduStation tapi tak dekat mana pun since i have to walk like 10min or so to reach there.   

Dah la i have to walk through rain and jalan laju2 like everyone will swooSh if they passed aside me because i need to get on 9am bus since my sister asked me to reach Muar by 12+pm. Arrived at PuduStation 8-ish and gagau-ing tried finding the ticket counter and like everyone knows PuduStation has been reVamped and this is my first time ever buying ticket here since its closed last year i think?? only to find out PuduStation is for north-bound ONLY. To go south you need to go to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) @BandarTasikSelatan.

I was like..what??? da la aku nak cepat tadik da jalan laju2 macam orang gile dalam hujan lak tu pastu kene naek STAR lak nak pegi TBS tu damn.

Once more, i'm like crazy person jalan laju2 headed to STAR @PlazaRakyat ni naseb baek la sebelah Pudu tu je, bought da ticket, hopped on train and wishing that i don't get the wrong track cuz i did get on the wrong one before, huhu. About 15+min, i finally arrived there...

Terminal Bersepadu Selatan @Bandar Tasik Selatan.

mak aih..bapak jauh nak kene menapak
but when i stepped inside, i'm like woah~~~ aku kat KLIA ke hape ni but i quickly snapped into reality need buy ticket like that instant kalau tak mati aku kompem sampai Muar lambat nih. But..but..there's only one ticketing place, i want specific counter since my bro-in-law always told me to take MayangSari if you're headed Johor. I prayed and just headed straight to that ticketing area because that area seems like so-not-typical-ticketing-area-for-bus. I am right, and i am impressed like gile ah with the e-ticket system. It's an interactive touchy2 screen system and it's sooo easy and fun i must say, but they do asked for ID when confirming the purchased ticket. Done with ticket buying, i was told to head Gate1 cuz my bus is coming. The gate was guarded by policeman or someone, i felt like boarding an airplane that time    ;P

excited sangat sampai lupe nak snap pic before down the escalator

see..got my name on it


drinks+munchies+reading materials = nice eh??

clean toilet and its FREE!!!

Long rows of seating area~~~

typical Malaysian...my ticket is for 10am, but what time do i leave people?? pffttt

left my sLipa iTam @home 

Boarded the bus..took the seat..slept all the way.
aku penat derr...
Luckily, i was only 15minutes late.

ps: naseb baek dapat tido dalam bus since aku kene drive balik Subang 

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