after eating like oinkOink, again (sorry UncleGedek,hehee), playing with nieces and nephews like there's no tomorrow (but it is cuz aMni+cikWan already balik Johor,wuwuwuu), going to 'pasar malam' along with my sisters and their kids+husband (it was super fun), cleaning cursing and tidying the house (super penat,huhuu), pengsan nap a bit, awake, then...mak aih, super long intro why-not-told-EVERYTHING-la-kan...what else to do, go online la geng.

so here's the story...

after read and stalked people's posts on facebook, open this blog and start clicking at my blogger list, saw UncleGedek already posted his daily ohsem-ness (btw uncle, your doodle is 'comel' hehee). he mentioned about CikCempaka (a.k.a. CC), so i pay a visit to her blog. it is super cute and super cool.

she's so inspiring me to doodle *gedik* so here's mine...


my first attempt..boleh la~~~

ha geng, apa lagik. kelik-kelik la sini...http://doodleliciouss.blogspot.com


  1. Cik Cempaka memang kreatif, kan???

    Ohsem sangat!

  2. hihi, comellll & bertahi lalat lagik

  3. UncleGedek: yup2..ohsem-ness in da house *grup hugs* hehee
    CC: hehee..thanks~~~ tahik lalat mahai tu.
    daddylicious: *blush* thanks~~~